Bus Service Adjustment Notice

Affected by COVID-19 outbreak, the passenger volume of NR334 Airport route and NR338 Central route (Overnight) further declined. With the licenses expiry on 30 April 2020, and to make the best of limited resources, the following adjustments will take effect from 1 May 2020:




Effective from  1 May 2020




Airport Route


Temporary suspension of the NR334 Airport Route.  As and when flights return to normal, a review will be conducted to evaluate the situation.
Residents can take the NR330 - Tsing Yi Route and use the airport express/airport bus to and from the airport.





Overnight Route


NR338 – Central Overnight Route suspended.
Residents can take the NR330 - Tsing Yi Route and NR332 - Kwai Fong Route to and from town.



All bus routes



Only octopus card payment is acceptable.



We apologize for any inconvenience which may be caused to residents by the route adjustments. We hope that you could understand the challenges and difficulties we face. We promise to monitor closely any changes in passenger patronage on various routes under the new arrangement. We shall respond with flexibility and as appropriate to try minimize inconveniences.